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I kinda like it playing 6 toons.
I'm on p99 now. Should have came here from the start. Real people playing and grouping here 24/7.
It is true. One person quits guild and it's a domino effect. Honestly it's their lost. Good luck playing with 5 people boxing 50 characters on the whole server.
Project EverQuest - The Grand Creation
Whats PEQ?
Draco, is that true that AK guild on PEQ is dead?
I might play p99. PEQ is dead and I give up there.
Hey all. Sad EQMac is gone. Thanks for having me, albeit for a short spell.
that one is a group, I wanted to make a page for publicity. Groups are usually invite only, but on a page anyone just passing by can like it.
thanks for link placer, requested invite
Sask - We have one here
Fan page
would you guys want me to make an official Horde facebook page? Would help with publicity.
Hey guys, I'm on PEQ in a guild named TTZ if you want to log in some day and say hi, my name is Emir there
its one megaserver so if anyone gets on this weekend im currently on cawtii
Kuk, hey is huge and almost crawling, I have put in about 6 hours played time in eso, got to lvl 11 going to try pvp tonight. so far i love it
Another tear jerker: screw you SoE. Thanks for killing the greatest video game in history.
EQ nostalgia video:
Welcome to the great halls of Sanctuary, a refuge for souls bound by the principles of Honor and Valor. Our great guild was founded in December of 2003 and is still going strong today. Feel free to wander around our home and read up on our history.

Fauxpas finishes bard epic!

Stimpy_Cato, Jun 23, 11 1:36 AM.
Thanks to DC and company...and of course Miuma for help along the way!

Sepulteur and Molotov are VT keyed!

Stimpy_Cato, Nov 26, 10 3:33 PM.
We had an overkill force of over 40 on 20 Nov though short a backup tank for Empy himself. We had both MT and RT go down early but monks were able to hold till we got them both back up. Out of the 4 or so kills I've been on, he went down fast.

    I think it'll be nice to have some necro capabilities in VT. Rez, FD will be nice for some dicey situations. I think we're allowed to wax blob1 anytime so maybe we can muster enough accomplices to farm him dry for folks.

Public Enemy #1. I've found the rat and now the rat is dead!

Stimpy_Cato, Feb 24, 10 9:08 AM.
With a solid force and knowledge of wiping last time, we quickly crawled to the cave where Vaniki was enjoying a bath in the sewer water below rather than perched on his oversight ledge. 

We pulled him to a cubby and ground him down in 5 mins or so without an add (Though we had cleared many just crawling in and pac'd till ready to pull).

Thanks Miuma, Jian, Provo, Chik, Sihon, Druvan and Dliug for the help. Side bonus we got Sihon SF keyed.

Saboteur can now dual wield slowing piercers of pretty low delay. Willsapper and Locustlure.

Old info:
Next on my hit list is Vaniki, scouted his lair and found a few traps along the way.

Should be a quick crawl to him, clearing a few wanderers and setting up a pull spot. Just need to get through DN phase spider area unspotted. He of course has the willsapper in his furry little paws. Drool.

Saboteur assists with blob1 takedown in VT

Stimpy_Cato, Feb 9, 10 1:11 AM.
After some practice with 20 of us crawling to north wing mini we found a way to get DC's mage to blob1. I was the only rogue so running around letting gauntlet runners through doors. What a task. No telling how many corpse I dragged around but I would wager 50+. In the end 12 of us took down Blobby1.

Sanctuary Has a New Address!

System, Jan 23, 10 11:44 PM.
Sanctuary has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!

The fantastic 4 down Wuoshi.

Stimpy_Cato, Aug 24, 09 10:45 AM.
We've been planning on getting on Sunday nights for a month now and it finally came together.
We downed Wuoshi on the first try and without too much hassle. We had tried a few months ago with 3 and got him to 40% so we went in pretty confident.

Plane of Mischief

Cthona, Aug 20, 09 10:26 AM.
Burning Grink Sconce

Miuma almost falls off the Dark Side while luring Grink to the hot seat.


Swinging on the chandelier, Miuma and her trusty companion Jarer trade blows with Bit and Mizer, while Dinner suffers from indigestion below.

Saboteur catches the escaped burrower

Cthona, Jun 29, 09 8:21 PM.
Saboteur vs. the Burrower
Worms everywhere! Like a burning compost pile or the planet Arakis. Saboteur scouts ahead.

Sanctuary open for new members.

Waamblem, May 20, 09 5:22 PM.
Sanctuary welcomes new and old players to our guild.  Right now is the perfect time to join us because of all the new players coming to Al'Kabor.  We are still trying to accomplish many things new and old, and if you would like to be apart of what were trying to do as a small family on this server, please do come and check out the boards, and apply for site membership so you can read more than the public access forums.

Last Sunday night, we tried Woushi.  On our third try, we got him down to 70%.  With your help, we can get him.  Every other week, we can try to schedule something everybody can go on.  We're a very casual guild, and would like to keep it that way.  But that doesn't mean we don't like to raid.  Please check out our raid schedule.  Many open raids with DC scheduled.

Vox Down!

Stimpy_Cato, Jan 10, 09 8:36 AM.
A good mix of alts and a dynamite delevelled warrior named Wulfgar we took her down without anyone dying. Believe we had about 14 people of the right level. I took young Fauxpas along my 44 warrior. Miuma provided escort and clearing services. 1st Vox kill on this server and only my 2nd ever.

Epic for Sabotuer Complete

Stimpy_Cato, May 4, 08 6:58 AM.
    Double sweet since my rogue on PC side never could finish. Thanks Miuma, Provo, Gmab, Zetro, Shee, Aiwen, Thror and others for help with the General, Yendar and port to PoH.
Epic effect is pretty subtle, just small drops of poison that run along the blade.
Now which alt to epic next... JK Aiwen

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